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18 June 2010 @ 07:59 pm

 Hi everyone,

I am hope. I am one of the hundred or millions fan girl of Arashi. It has been now more than 1 year and a half since I know about Arashi.

These five boys always make me happy when I am sad, when I feel lonely and in my darkest days. I am glad that Arashi in my life.

The first one who makes me interested in Arashi is leader with his dorky look, then Aiba because of his beautiful laughter and the rest came one by one until I can't say who the first one in my heart.

With Arashi I watch for other Johnny's group such as SMAP, TOKIO, KATTUN, Kanjani 8 and..etc

Thanks to all the subbers, I was able to watch Arashi programs and other Japanese programs, but unfortunately I didn't understand Japanese.

I wish if I can understand the language so I can help other subbers to separate Arashi love. For that, in the mean time I will stick with making icons and I will try to learn Japanese language.

In this Journal I will post only what are my thoughts, in general it will be all personal things. If you want to see my post, you are welcome to see it in
h2yume community.

Sorry for any mistake in writing because English is not my first language.

For now on, Yorishiku onegaishimasu.

Current Mood: hyperhyper